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Just Tomatoes, etc!

Just Tomatoes, etc!


Just Apples – Dehydrated
Dried to perfection for a sweet-tart taste treat
Just Bananas – Freeze-dried
Soft clouds of banana crunch
Just Blueberries – Freeze-dried
A great snack! a great addition anywhere, anytime you want blueberries
Just Cherries – Freeze-dried
“Always in season”, these taste fresh picked, with a crunch!
Just Cranberries – Freeze-dried
Their tartness brings complementary flavor to savory fruit sauces and baked goods
Just Fruit Munchies – Freeze-dried
Seven fruits make a sweet-tart combo to entertain the taste buds
Just Fruit Salad – Freeze-dried
Six tasty fruits including freeze-dried red grapes!
Just Grapes – Freeze-dried
Not raisins, but grapes!
Just Mango – Freeze-dried
If you like fresh mangoes, you will really love these dried mangoes
Just Peaches – Freeze-dried
Intense peachy taste
Just Persimmons – Dehydrated
This rare autumn fruit can now be on your table year round
Just Pineapple – Freeze-dried
A tropical taste delight—it’s like eating candy!
Just Pomegranate – Freeze-dried
Great flavor – freeze dried seeds
Just Raspberries – Freeze-dried
The ultimate taste treat—the tangy-sweet flavor explodes in your mouth
Just Strawberries – Freeze-dried
Everyone’s favorite berry—with crunch
Just Strawberries and Bananas – Freeze-dried
Popular combo of tasty fruit!
Just Tomatoes, etc!


Just Corn – Freeze-dried

One of our most popular products—this “corn off the cob”—is a sweet treat!
Just Peas – Freeze-dried
These are a favorite of kids (of all ages!)
Just Tomatoes (sliced) – Dehydrated
Unique sliced dried tomato always “steals the show!”
Just Veggies – Freeze-dried
Our most popular vegetable product!
Just Hot Veggies – Freeze-dried
Some like it hot! This product gets your attention


Organic Just Corn – Freeze-dried
Organic version of our sweet corn product
Organic Just Peas – Freeze-dried
Organic version of favorite kid treat!
Organic Just Tomato Bits – Dehydrated
Burst of tomato flavor
Organic Just Veggies – Freeze-dried
Healthful mixture of dried carrots, corn, peas, bell peppers and tomatoes

Baking Kits

Baking Kits

Why limit yourself to boil-in-a-bag cooking? Ever tried pizza at the foot of a glacier?

BakePacker Ultra-light

5 3/4″ diameter fits 2 quart potbk001
BakePacker Standard

7″ diameter fits 4 quart potbk002
Outback Oven Ultralight – 8 inch

The lightest weight baking solution. Designed for the weight concious backpackerbp167000

Fry-Bake Alpine Baking System – 8 inch

Hard anodized open fire and stove baking systemfba1
Fry-Bake Expedition Baking System – 10.5 inch

Larger version for groupsfbe1
Fry-Bake Alpine Lightweight Replacement Lid – 8 inch

Spun aluminumfb011
Fry-Bake Expedition Lightweight Replacement Lid – 10.5 inch

Spun aluminumfb012
Fry-Bake Alpine Standard Replacement Lid – 8 inch

Spun aluminumfb021
Fry-Bake Expedition Standard Replacement Lid – 10.5 inch

Spun aluminumfb022
Baking Kits
Outback Oven – 10 inch Pot Parka only, parts

Aluminized fiberglass domebp167212Reg $39.90
Outback Oven – 12 inch (Outfitter) Pot Parka only, parts

Extra large size aluminized fiberglass domebp167209Reg $49.90
Outback Oven – Thermometer w/screw, parts

Replacement screw-in thermometerbp167211
Outback Oven – Reflector Collar, parts

Aluminum sheet reflectorbp167213
Outback Oven – Ultralight Oven Thermometer, parts

Sit on top of any pan lidbp167215
BakePacker Replacement Recipe Booklet

Instructions and recipesbk004

Mary Janes Farm

Organic Bulk Pueblo Stew

Made from 100 percent organic ingredients, these meals are designed to feed one hungry camper. MaryJanesFarm backcountry food is perfect for whatever mode of trail travel you choose — backpackers and hikers, mountain bikers, climbers, llama trekkers, equestrians, fishers, cross-country skiers, boaters and rafters.

MJF Organic Griddle Cakes w/ Maple Syrup Topping
12 organic whole grains
MJF Organic Hot and Creamy Cereal
Whole-grain, non-dairy hot cereal
MJF Organic Outrageous Outback Oatmeal
With cinnamon, nutmeg and flax seeds
MJF Organic Black Bean Flakes
Rich and flavorful
MJF Organic Black Bean Flakes (Hot-n-Spicy)
Jalapeños add the heat
MJF Organic Pinto Bean Flakes
Protein pick-me-up
MJF Organic Black Bean Corn Bread
Slightly sweetened cakes
MJF Organic Buttermilk Biscuits
Classic biscuits
MJF Organic Chili Batter Bread
Spiced with jalapeños, tomatoes, red bell peppers and cumin
MJF Organic Garlic Pesto Fry Bread
Pan fried and tasty
MJF Organic Corn Bread
Puffed and golden
MJF Organic Shepherds Panbread
With a bit of flour, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, cheese and cracked black pepper
MJF Organic Focaccia Bread w/ Parmesan
Hot, fresh and excellent!
MJF Organic Bavarian Chocolate Mousse
Creamy, chocolatey rich, subtley sweet
MJF Organic Chocolate Brownies
Moist, chewy treat
MJF Organic Spoon Drop Scones w/ Walnuts and Orange Peel
Traditional favorite!
MJF Organic Couscous and Lentil Curry
Tomatoes, lentils, curry and garlic
MJF Organic Northwest Garden Couscous
Vegetables, beans, parmesan cheese and couscous
MJF Organic Southwestern Couscous
Includes jalapeno, tomato, black bean and corn
MJF Organic Wild Forest Mushroom Couscous
With mushrooms, miso and pine nuts
MJF Organic Black Bean Hummus – 8 serving
Black beans and roasted sesame seeds
MJF Organic Lebanese Peanut Bulgur
With peanuts, tomatoes and currants
MJF Organic Lentil Pilav
Bulghar and lentils combined
MJF Organic Sicilian Polenta
With organic parmesan and red peppers
MJF Organic Alfredo Pasta
Basil and creamy white sharp cheddar cheese
MJF Organic Cheddar Herb Pasta
Sharp cheddar and parmesan cheeses
MJF Organic Chilimac
Two American classics come together
MJF Organic Cheesy B.N.T. Pasta
Bac’un bits, noodles & tomatoes
MJF Organic Cheesy Noodle Casserole w/ Sugar Snap Peas
With sharp cheddar and peas
MJF Organic “Eat Your Veggies” Pasta
Mac ’n Cheese recipe with added broccoli florets and tiny sweet carrots
MJF Organic Ginger Sesame Rice
Tasty oriental-themed rice
MJF Organic Mac and Cheese
Organic semalina flour and white cheddar cheese
MJF Organic Red Pesto Pasta
Basil, oregano and parmesan cheese
MJF Organic Santa Fe Pasta
With corn and black beans
MJF Organic Sweet Red Bell Pepper Pasta
Delicate, slightly sweet flavor

Gluten-free Entrees

Gluten-free Entrees

Good options for backpackers with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.


MJF Organic Spuds w/ Spinach & Cheese

These are delicious, healthy and super easymj6401
MJF Organic Nicks Couch Potatoes

Smoky outdoorsy flavor and little bits of un-bacon bits and cheddar cheesemj6402
MJF Organic Sweet Corn and Black Bean Chowder

Thick, creamy and fillingmj6603

MJF Organic Creamy Potato Soup

With spinach and cheesemj6606
MJF Organic Curried Lentil Bisque

Thick, rich, exotic and strongmj6608
MJF Organic Peasant Tomato Soup

With white cheddar, potato and basilmj6609

MJF Organic Pueblo Stew

Polenta, parmesan, and veggiesmj6610
MJF Organic Kettle Chili

Lentil and black bean chilimj6601
MJF Organic Velvety Black Bean Soup

Beans, peppers and spicesmj6604

MJF Organic Lentil Soup

Dozens of spices and currymj6605
MJF Organic Falafel

Made with garbanzo beansmj6803
MJF Organic Sicilian Polenta

With organic parmesan and red peppersmj6808
AlpineAire Mountain Chili

A savory blend of pinto beans, corn, mushrooms & spicesaa10101
AlpineAire Santa Fe Black Beans & Rice

With a zesty Southwestern flavoraa10112
AlpineAire Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Savory instant mashed potatoes with a hint of garlicaa10107

AlpineAire Chicken Gumbo

Okra & other vegetables complement rice & chicken – very spicy!aa10309
AlpineAire Western Tamale Pie w/ Beef

Blue corn meal, and super sweet corn, for a Tex-Mex style tasteaa10405
AlpineAire Texas BBQ Chicken w/ Beans

BBQ Chicken in a hickory smoke flavor sauceaa10406
AlpineAire Black Bart Chili w/ Beans

Black beans, kidney beans & beef with a spirited classic chili tasteaa10407
AlpineAire All American Roast Beef Hash

Beef & potatoes and classic seasoningsaa10408
AlpineAire Mashed Potatoes Country Gravy and Turkey

Creamy gravy highlights this potato and turkey entréeaa11402

AlpineAire Refried Mixed Beans w/ Cheese

4 different beans & our exclusive seasoning blendaa13001
AlpineAire Mexican Rice w/ Cheese

A complement to any fine mealaa13004
Natural High Honey Lime Chicken

With asparagusrm00422


AlpineAire Mountain Chili – 4 serving

A savory blend of pinto beans, corn, mushrooms & spicesaa12113

Honey Packets – 12 pack

Honey Packets - 12 pack

U.S. Grade A honey. Use on english muffins, chicken nuggets or to sweeten hot tea.

Twelve 9 gm. packets.

Honey Packets - 12 pack

Oh honey, I’m home…”
Speaking of honey, that little bit of sweet something packaged in individual servings enough for a peanut butter and honey sandwich or a cup of tea was delivered in less than a week and the price was even sweeter. I’ve ordered from Wilderness Dining many times before and am always pleased with their products and efficiency in handling my orders. I highly recommend them!
-Julie, Pacifica, CA

GSI Lexan Bowl – 8 inch

GSI Lexan Bowl - 8 inch
  • The finest outdoor tableware
  • Modern design with contemporary see-through cosmetics
  • Cups are stackable and graduated for your measuring convenience
  • The deep-plate shape discourages spills

4.7 oz (133g), 2.63″ deep

Pack Grill

Pack Grill
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Chrome plated
  • Folds flat for easy storage or packing
  • Grill Surface: 12.5 x 6.5 in.

All Time Populars

Mountain Oven - Flameless Heating Kit - 5 uses

Mountain Oven – Flameless Heating Kit – 5 uses

Mountain Oven Flameless Heating Kit is designed to heat all backpacking food pouch products.Heats food in 20 minutesJust...
Backpacking Meal Pouch Cozy

Backpacking Meal Pouch Cozy

Organic Bulk Pueblo Stew

Mary Janes Farm

Camping Food - Meals

Camping Food – Meals

Peanut Butter Packet

Peanut Butter Packet

Just Tomatoes, etc!

Just Tomatoes, etc!

Gluten-free Entrees

Gluten-free Entrees

Meat and Meat Substitutes

Meat and Meat Substitutes

GSI Lexan Bowl - 8 inch

GSI Lexan Bowl – 8 inch