Gluten-free Entrees

Good options for backpackers with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.


MJF Organic Spuds w/ Spinach & Cheese

These are delicious, healthy and super easymj6401
MJF Organic Nicks Couch Potatoes

Smoky outdoorsy flavor and little bits of un-bacon bits and cheddar cheesemj6402
MJF Organic Sweet Corn and Black Bean Chowder

Thick, creamy and fillingmj6603

MJF Organic Creamy Potato Soup

With spinach and cheesemj6606
MJF Organic Curried Lentil Bisque

Thick, rich, exotic and strongmj6608
MJF Organic Peasant Tomato Soup

With white cheddar, potato and basilmj6609

MJF Organic Pueblo Stew

Polenta, parmesan, and veggiesmj6610
MJF Organic Kettle Chili

Lentil and black bean chilimj6601
MJF Organic Velvety Black Bean Soup

Beans, peppers and spicesmj6604

MJF Organic Lentil Soup

Dozens of spices and currymj6605
MJF Organic Falafel

Made with garbanzo beansmj6803
MJF Organic Sicilian Polenta

With organic parmesan and red peppersmj6808
AlpineAire Mountain Chili

A savory blend of pinto beans, corn, mushrooms & spicesaa10101
AlpineAire Santa Fe Black Beans & Rice

With a zesty Southwestern flavoraa10112
AlpineAire Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Savory instant mashed potatoes with a hint of garlicaa10107

AlpineAire Chicken Gumbo

Okra & other vegetables complement rice & chicken – very spicy!aa10309
AlpineAire Western Tamale Pie w/ Beef

Blue corn meal, and super sweet corn, for a Tex-Mex style tasteaa10405
AlpineAire Texas BBQ Chicken w/ Beans

BBQ Chicken in a hickory smoke flavor sauceaa10406
AlpineAire Black Bart Chili w/ Beans

Black beans, kidney beans & beef with a spirited classic chili tasteaa10407
AlpineAire All American Roast Beef Hash

Beef & potatoes and classic seasoningsaa10408
AlpineAire Mashed Potatoes Country Gravy and Turkey

Creamy gravy highlights this potato and turkey entréeaa11402

AlpineAire Refried Mixed Beans w/ Cheese

4 different beans & our exclusive seasoning blendaa13001
AlpineAire Mexican Rice w/ Cheese

A complement to any fine mealaa13004
Natural High Honey Lime Chicken

With asparagusrm00422


AlpineAire Mountain Chili – 4 serving

A savory blend of pinto beans, corn, mushrooms & spicesaa12113