Backpacking Meal Pouch Cozy

A great addition to the backcountry kitchen. This pouch cozy as easy to use as it is to carry. Prepare your dehydrated or freeze-dried meal in the manufacturer’s pouch, put it in the cozy and fold over the top. Your meal will finish cooking quicker and stay warmer longer!

  • Ample size for 2 person packaging — or about a one quart zip closure bag
  • Durable materials will hold up to pack stuffing and still come out ready to use
  • Spills wipe right off

Country of Origin:  United States
Dimensions – Closed: 11 in. x 10.5 in.
Weight: 1.65 oz.
Materials: R 14.3 reflective insulating aluminum, Velcro closures, brass grommets

Backpacking Meal Pouch Cozy

“Great item for backpacking”
This cozy was the hit of our weeklong backpacking trip into the Sierras. I bought it with the thought my homemade vacuum packed meals would re-hydrate more efficiently than when wrapped in my jacket (that I often wished I was wearing). I ended up being able to cram 2 full meals into the cozy which virtually eliminated the usual simmering over the stove. What a fuel saver. I’m getting another cozy because the zipper on my backpack tore my first one up a bit. Highly recommended!
-Meg, Turloc, CA

“Saves time and fuel”
We’re always looking for ways to save some ounces on the trail. This cool cozy helps food cook quicker, speeds rehydration, keeps our meal hot even in the coldest weather, and saves us a little fuel year-round.
-Wilderness Dining