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Mountain Oven – Flameless Heating Kit – 5 uses

Mountain Oven - Flameless Heating Kit - 5 uses

Mountain Oven Flameless Heating Kit is designed to heat all backpacking food pouch products.

  • Heats food in 20 minutes
  • Just add ambient temperature, potable (clean) water to meals
  • Chemical heating process increases water temperature about 100° F

Uses: 5 per kit
Weight: 14 ounces
Size: 10 x 12 inches
Contains: 1 Reusable Insulted Outer Pouch, 1 Plastic Storage Bag, 1 Plastic Bottle, 5 Salt Tablets, 5 Heat Activation Pads

GSI Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup – 18 fl oz

GSI Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup - 18 fl oz

5.2 oz (147g), 3.63″ height

  • Ingenious 18 fl. oz. design features folding handles that extend long enough for stove top cooking and hinged to fold around the cup surface for compact packing

Weight: 4.9 oz
Materials: 18/8 Stainless Steel

“GSI Bottle Cup”
Bought this item last week from wildernessdining.com they gave the best service of the 3 stores I bought something from thant day. Quick shipping. The cup however will not fit any nalgene bottle I own. GSI has apparently changed their design for the worse. I am still looking for one that will fit. (WD Note: This product is designed to fit the Nalgene HDPE and UVPE bottles.

GSI Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup - 18 fl oz

“GSI stainless 18 oz. cup”
Excellent stainless cup with folding handles, great for drinks or cooking. It’s also a perfect fit for the replacement of the aluminum cup that comes standard on the Optimus Svea 123 stove.
-Larry Dixon, Phoenix, AZ

Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

Looking for something unusual? Try the Just Persimmons! Eaten by the handful or added to your favorite dessert recipe, all these products are chock-full of taste and nutrition.


Crunchies Tropical Fruit Snack – Freeze-dried

Apples, Blueberries, Bananas, Cherries, Raspberries, Pineapple, Mangorm31011
 Crunchies Mixed Fruit Snack – Freeze-dried

Raspberries, Peaches, Blueberries, Blackberries, Mangorm31013
 Crunchies Very Berry Snack – Freeze-dried

Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberriesbb51068
Just Apricots Tub – Freeze-dried

Not your typical chewy apricotjt031
 Just Apples Tub – Dehydrated

Dried to perfection for a sweet-tart taste treatjt012
 Just Bananas Tub – Freeze-dried

Soft clouds of banana crunchjt013
Dried Fruits


Mountain House Organic Strawberry Snack

1 oz. of strawberry bitsmh56492
 Mountain House Organic Mango Snack

1 oz. of mango bitsmh56493
 Mountain House Organic Apple Snack

1 oz. of apple bitsmh56494
Mountain House Organic Banana Snack

1.7 oz. of banana bitsmh56495
 Organic Just Apples Tub – Freeze-dried

Dried to perfection for a sweet-tart taste treatjt043
 Organic Just Bananas Tub – Freeze-dried

Soft clouds of banana crunchjt044

Outback Oven Standard – 10 inch

Outback Oven Standard - 10 inch

The best selling Outback Oven. 10″ non-stick pan with lid, 10″ Pot Parka, Riser Bar, Scorch Buster, reflector collar, thermometer, backcountry baking book & mesh sack.

Weight: 26 oz.

“Foolproof baking every time”
We’ve used this oven in the Sierras and San Bernardino mountains many times. What a treat to have hot brownies or fresh pizza twenty miles from the trailhead! The pan can be used as a skillet for breakfast. If you’re concerned about weight, check out the ultralight version.
-Wilderness Dining

Bear Resistant Containers

camper's backpack

More and more wilderness areas are requiring these containers for backcountry travel. They’ve proven very successful in keeping the bears out of trouble!

BearVault Solo 2/3 Size – Bear Resistant Canister

Only 2 pounds 1 oz. — 4 day capacitybv350Reg $66.95
BearVault Full Size – Bear Resistant Canister

Only 2 pounds 9 oz. — 7 day capacitybv400Reg $79.95
Backpackers Cache – Bear Resistant Canister

Designed to slip into camper’s backpack; holds approximately 6 person-days of foodgm812Reg $74.95

Backpackers Cache – Bear Canister Carrying Bag

Nylon carrier with webbing straps and bucklesgmc12
Backpackers Cache – Replacement Lid

Fits all modelsgm8001
Bear Canister Liner Bags – 12 Pack

Strong clear plastic liners with twist tiegml12

Peanut Butter Packet

Peanut Butter Packet

Smooth, creamy single portion peanut butter!

Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts, Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (rapeseed, cotton seed, and/or soybean oils), Salt

Meat and Meat Substitutes

Meat and Meat Substitutes

You like protein? We have protein!

Backpackers Pantry Cooked Beef, diced – Freeze-dried

Make your own trail dinnersbp104815
Backpackers Pantry Cooked Chicken, diced – Freeze-dried

Make your own trail dinnersbp104820
AlpineAire Gourmet Reserves Bulk Chicken, Freeze-dried, cooked diced – 1 lb

White breast meatgr92108
AlpineAire Gourmet Reserves Bulk Beef, Freeze-dried, cooked, diced – 1 lb

Lean freeze-dried beefgr92109
AlpineAire Gourmet Reserves Bulk Turkey, Freeze-dried, cooked, diced – 1 lb

White breast meatgr92165
Mountain House Bulk Beef Freeze-dried Cooked and Diced – 1 lb 1 oz

Lean freeze-dried beefmh30122Reg

Camping Food – Bulk Sizes and Ingredients

Camping Food - Bulk Sizes and Ingredients

Make your own trail specialties with these top-quality dehydrated and freeze-dried backpacker’s ingredients.

  • Bulk and Outfitter Foods
  • Baking Ingredients
  • Condiments and Seasonings
  • Dried Fruit
  • Dried Vegetables
  • Meat and Meat Substitutes

Camping Food – Meals

Camping Food - Meals

Whether you feel like having a traditional favorite or an exotic international treat, these hot entrees will refuel you for the next day.

  • Best Selling Meals
  • Beef Entrees
  • Chicken Entrees
  • Turkey Entrees
  • Seafood Entrees
  • Meatless Entrees
  • Couscous Entrees
Camping Food - Meals
  • Pasta Entrees
  • Potato Entrees
  • Rice Entrees
  • Gluten-free Entrees
  • Organic Foods
  • Soups
  • Breads
  • Condiments and Seasonings

Backpacking Meal Pouch Cozy

Backpacking Meal Pouch Cozy

A great addition to the backcountry kitchen. This pouch cozy as easy to use as it is to carry. Prepare your dehydrated or freeze-dried meal in the manufacturer’s pouch, put it in the cozy and fold over the top. Your meal will finish cooking quicker and stay warmer longer!

  • Ample size for 2 person packaging — or about a one quart zip closure bag
  • Durable materials will hold up to pack stuffing and still come out ready to use
  • Spills wipe right off

Country of Origin:  United States
Dimensions – Closed: 11 in. x 10.5 in.
Weight: 1.65 oz.
Materials: R 14.3 reflective insulating aluminum, Velcro closures, brass grommets

Backpacking Meal Pouch Cozy

“Great item for backpacking”
This cozy was the hit of our weeklong backpacking trip into the Sierras. I bought it with the thought my homemade vacuum packed meals would re-hydrate more efficiently than when wrapped in my jacket (that I often wished I was wearing). I ended up being able to cram 2 full meals into the cozy which virtually eliminated the usual simmering over the stove. What a fuel saver. I’m getting another cozy because the zipper on my backpack tore my first one up a bit. Highly recommended!
-Meg, Turloc, CA

“Saves time and fuel”
We’re always looking for ways to save some ounces on the trail. This cool cozy helps food cook quicker, speeds rehydration, keeps our meal hot even in the coldest weather, and saves us a little fuel year-round.
-Wilderness Dining

All Time Populars

Pack Grill

Pack Grill

Sturdy steel constructionChrome platedFolds flat for easy storage or packingGrill Surface: 12.5 x 6.5 in.
Backpacking Meal Pouch Cozy

Backpacking Meal Pouch Cozy

GSI Lexan Bowl - 8 inch

GSI Lexan Bowl – 8 inch

Just Tomatoes, etc!

Just Tomatoes, etc!

Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

camper's backpack

Bear Resistant Containers

Gluten-free Entrees

Gluten-free Entrees

Organic Bulk Pueblo Stew

Mary Janes Farm

Meat and Meat Substitutes

Meat and Meat Substitutes